5 Funny Things Only Teachers Will Understand

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Funny Things Only Teachers Will Understand

Being a teacher may be one of the most rewarding jobs, but it isn’t always the easiest. In celebration of the UK’s amazing teachers, we took a look at some of the funny and pretty terrifying experiences most teachers go through during their careers.

1. The one student

Every school, every classroom, in every city across the country has one; the student who constantly pushes your buttons. This is the student that arrives to class without their homework done (for the third time) and finds great enjoyment in disrupting lessons (interfering with your carefully planned year schedule). And no punishment seems to work – lines, sent outside the classroom, visit to the principal’s office, detention…you’ve tried it all and nothing seems to calm this mischievous child.

2. Social anxiety

You live in fear of being seen in public by one of your students because you know it’ll be the talk of the school on Monday morning and like the classical Chinese Whispers game, the story will be blown out of proportion as the school day goes on. What started off simply as ‘I saw Miss Mellon in the shopping centre on Saturday’ will be ‘Miss Mellon was spotted with her boyfriend on Saturday and they were kissing all the time’ by the end of the day. And you want to be able to set the record straight, because you have to be professional and let the lies live.

3. Social media woes

The fear of seeing a friend request on Facebook or follow on Twitter and Instagram by one of your students is indescribable -- you need to rebrand yourself on social media platforms so your students will never be able to find you. This usually involves dropping your surname or only using your first name, and activating every privacy setting possible.

4. Keeping in your laughter

When a student comes out with a ridiculous statement or answer that has the whole class belly laughing, you need to hold your laughter in because you’re a professional and don’t want the poor student to feel more embarrassed.

5. A limited list of baby names

After years of teaching hundreds of children, your list of baby names quickly starts to dwindle as there are now certain names that will always only be associated with the student who glued themselves to the chair or the one who ate crayons and was violently sick all over you.

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