5 Tips to Keep on Track with Fitness Goals

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Fitness Goals

It’s easy for the motivation of a New Year to waver slightly, especially when your  resolution is associated with fitness. Often, it’s too tempting to choose a morning lie in or time spent relaxing on the sofa over exercise – but this shouldn’t mean we totally give up on our fitness goals.

To help you stay focused, we’ve put together some top tips to help you stick to your fitness journey this season.

1. Find an activity you enjoy which works for you

The first step to exercising is finding an activity which matches your fitness level so you don’t over-exert yourself at the first hurdle – it’s also important to enjoy it after all.  Whether it be an outdoor sport or indoor activity, finding something you enjoy is key and will provide you with a better chance to keep it up. Gym classes are a great way to stay motivated as you have a trainer there to do the motivating for you. Most gyms also have a range of classes to choose from meaning you can pick and choose classes which you find the most enjoyable. Home workouts are also helpful for those juggling work and family life because you can fit this in around your schedule.

2. Set a realistic goal

It’s important to be realistic about your fitness journey and not set difficult targets which will only leave you feeling disappointed if you don’t meet them. By setting goals which are manageable but will still push you, there is no reason you won’t be able to meet them with a bit of dedication. Of course, there is no quick solution but setting realistic goals can help you to keep on track. Set weekly targets which you can monitor easily – fitness trackers are a great way to help you follow your workout journey more effectively.

3. Get the gear

Investing in new gym clothing is a great way to transform your mindset and motivate you to exercise. Find clothing which offers the correct support and that you feel comfortable in because it will inspire you to put it to the test on your next workout session. H&M has got a fantastic fitness range, including these sports tights which have fast-drying functional fabric to keep you cool whilst exercising.

4. Stay hydrated

Be sure to keep yourself hydrated throughout any workout routine to refuel your body with fluids and help you to feel more focused. Avoid taking big gulps – instead take small, slow sips when you need to rehydrate so you can make sure you don’t feel fatigued or light-headed whilst exercising.

5. Workout with friends

It can be difficult to find the motivation to work out on your own, especially when there is no one there to persuade you into abandoning the cosy sofa in favour of exercising. For those in need of a little support when it comes to fitness, working out with a family member or friend is the perfect solution. It’s more difficult to say no to exercising when your fitness companion is determined to hit the gym or go for a run. Feel inspired by their motivation and work together to meet your fitness goals.

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