94% of British People Reveal They Have A Best Friend

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UK Friendship Day

‘Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer,’ Ed Cunningham

To celebrate Friendship Day, we surveyed the UK population to find out all about their BFFs.  94% of those surveyed said they have a best friend with 61% revealing that friends are more important to them now than they were in school/college.

When asked about the importance of staying in touch with friends they had in their early school years, 56% said they try to stay in touch with them regularly, 28% said they contact them now and again, while 17% revealed they no longer see or speak to these friends.

Best Friends In The UK

When it comes to the traits we want in our friendships, kindness took top spot at 78%, followed by caring (61%), trustworthy (61%), supportive (56%) and reliable (50%). Participants also said they like their friends to be funny (39%), authentic (28%), positive (28%), generous (22%), humble (22%), and inspiring (17%).

Qualities British People Look For In Friends

Social media has had a massive impact on our relationships and participants felt its role has had both a positive (78%) and negative (22%) effect. On the positive side, participants revealed it has strengthened old friendships by making it easier to stay in touch. On the negative side, participants feel their friends in the online world are much better than those in real-life.

What A Best Friend Means To British People

Our research also asked participants to explain what a best friend mean to them, here are the top responses:

  • Someone who is a true soulmate.
  • Someone who would answer the phone at 4am if you needed anything.
  • Someone who you love spending time with.
  • Someone you can confide in.
  • Someone who you can’t wait to share news with, good or bad.

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