Affordable Groomsmen Accessories You’ll Wear More Than Once

Affordable Groomsmen Accessories You'll Wear More Than Once

Weddings are expensive, not just for the bride and groom but for the guests too - especially if they’re part of the wedding party. There’s the outfit, the hotel, travel expenses, and the unforgettable hen/stag night or weekend to budget for. Our recent wedding research found that Brits who are members of a wedding party spend an average of £2,809, and almost a month planning and celebrating the nuptials of their loved ones. For the regular wedding guest, the average wedding takes up over a week of their time and costs roughly £776. 

However, if you’re a groomsman, here’s the good news; accessories like classic shoes, silky ties, and fancy wristwatches are easy to re-wear over and over again so a little investment will go a long way.

Our fashion retailers have a great range of wedding accessories, here are our top ten: