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Love In Lockdown: Date Ideas To Get Excited About

Couple enjoying a coffee dateCouple enjoying a coffee date

The world of dating has looked very different the last year. With the coronavirus pandemic spreading far and wide, restaurant reservations, romantic weekend getaways and catch-ups over drinks at the pub were limited on our social calendars, forcing us to get creative with our love life. However, love was very much in the air as our latest research revealed that more than a quarter of Brits have proactively looked for someone to date during the pandemic.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day at home or virtually with your partner, we’ve come up with some fun ways to mark the occasion. Check them out below:

Try something new together

If you’re tired of daily walks, Netflix binges and Zoom quizzes, ditch them this Valentine’s Day and instead, make a plan to learn something new together. Try a virtual dance class, challenge each other to a cook off, learn a new language. By switching things up, you’re keeping boredom at bay, making sure your relationship’s spark keeps on glowing.


Try a mystery dinner

Tacos or pizza? Noodles or pasta? If you’re the type of couple who are incredibly indecisive with your takeaway choices, do a mystery dinner order. You and your partner set a spending limit, order dishes for each other (make them options that you’ve never tried or wouldn’t normally order), get them delivered and enjoy a new foodie experience at home or via Zoom.


Have a music festival

If you’re dreaming about your next concert or music festival and all the experiences that come with them, from dancing in a sea of people to crowd surfing, making a connection with the artist on stage to getting covered in beer (among other things), have a live concert at home. Transform your living room into a festival campsite, get dressed up in your favourite festival clothes and stream a concert. Watch, dance and sing together at home or via video chat.


Happy hour at home

Sometimes the best dates are those that simply involve a few drinks in a nice setting. This Valentine’s Day, why don’t you and your partner do just that? Get dressed up in something other than sweatpants, mix up a few nice cocktails, play some of your favourite music and enjoy a night of chatting and dancing.


Make a travel vision board

Although we’re living in uncertain times, making future travel plans is an activity that can lift even the most restless mood. Make a list of all the places you’d like to travel together and build a collage from pictures, quotes, city names, anything that makes you dream of escaping to the sun, on a city break or on an exciting culture experience. When travel becomes a safe option again, you’ll be ready to book your seat on a plane.


Do a double date

If you and your partner are missing your date night pals, organise a virtual double date. You can catch-up on lockdown life over nice and food and drinks. To make the night more interesting, play a game of Mr and Mrs or escape room in a box or go on a virtual tour of some iconic locations like the Louvre in Paris and Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.