5 Ways to Make someone Happy Today

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1. Pay someone a compliment

Paying someone a genuine compliment is a really easy way to give them a boost and cheer them up for the day. So if the barista has made you a great coffee, or you’re a fan of your colleague’s new shoes, make sure to let them know.


2. Tell a joke

Did you know that children laugh about 400 times a day, but adults only laugh an average of 15 times a day? Laughter increases energy and helps people bond, so why not tell someone a funny joke or story and get them chuckling?


3. Write a thank you note

We all text our friends regularly, but how often do we stop and thank them just for being there? Next time you have a spare five minutes, try writing a short note to a good friend just to let them know you appreciate them. The surprise and sentiment will have a big impact.


4. Ask someone for advice

We all feel like experts at something, so it feels great when someone asks us for our help. If something is on your mind, tell a friend or colleague that you would appreciate their guidance because you value their opinion. Trust us, it will make them smile!


5. Give a gift

Our survey found that 97% of people feel happy when giving a gift – so next time you go to treat yourself, why not buy a present for someone else instead? You’ll make their day with a surprise gift, and it will probably cheer you up just as much!

And finally…


Make yourself happy!

Studies show that being creative can improve life satisfaction, and creative types are among the happiest! So if you have a talent for design, why not take part in our Design a Gift Card competition? Open to design students and all budding designers out there, the winning entry will go on to be produced as a limited edition One4all Gift Card and sold through the An Post network nationwide. The winner will also receive an Apple Macbook Pro and five runners up will receive a €100 One4all Gift Card personalised with their own design. Check out how to enter and get designing!