Revealed: The UK is a Nation of Teacher's Pets

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Reminiscing with friends and family over favourite school day memories can often make it feel like a lifetime ago. It’s interesting to see how our opinions about school change as we get older and how many of us tend to only appreciate our school years later in life

We surveyed over 1,000 adults in the UK and found that more than a third (34%) of Brits rate teachers as one of their best school day memories – featuring in the top three fondest recollections of school.


What’s more, 19% of those polled admitted that they have a lot to thank their teachers for, leading to 1 in 5 reporting that they would like to give thanks to their favourite teacher if they could. This shows the positive impact teachers have in shaping young people’s lives and it’s nice to see that Brits would like to show them just how much they appreciate this.

Completing the top three was reminiscing about school friends (52%) and going on school trips (40%) which featured as some of the fondest memories at school – showing that many of us hold dear the people we met and the fun trips we enjoyed at school.

The research also found that school dinners, play time in the school yard and singing in assembly were among the most popular answers when Brits were asked to recall fond school day memories – showing that even the little things still meant a lot to our experiences.

However, a third of UK adults didn’t appreciate their school years at the time, with many (46.5%) even admitting that they would like to go back and re-live them if they could – we bet no one ever thought that they would be confessing to this later in life.


t’s surprising to see that although it was parents who came significantly above the national average for not appreciating school, they would still advise their children that they should because they will never get this time again – the classic advice from parents which many don’t believe until school has been and gone.

This changing attitude towards school clearly changes as we get older, because many don’t appear to appreciate these memories at the time. Maybe it’s true what they say - school days really are the best time of your life and creates memories that will be cherished forever.

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