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The New Summer of Love? The Nation’s Dinner Date Dos and Don’ts Revealed

With lockdown restrictions relaxing over summer, restaurants and bars are set to welcome back singletons up and down the country looking for love. Making a good first impression during a first date is essential, with 57% of Brits believing that the first date has the power to make or break a relationship. Despite this, some of us still make fatal mistakes that turn our dates off.

So, what exactly makes or breaks a first date? To answer this question, we surveyed 2,018 UK adults to reveal the nation’s biggest dinner date turn ons and offs.

In a landslide, 83% of UK adults said that bad table manners were their biggest turns offs during a first date. Whether their date was licking their knife, using their fingers to eat, or talking with their mouths full, bad table manners were certain to stifle any chance of a second date.

Phones may usually be a good way to connect with people, but they aren’t so great on a first date. Over three quarters (78%) of Brits said that a date having their phone out at the table and checking it throughout the meal is a turn off.

If you’re looking to make it to a second date, you might want to kick any of those bad habits. 77% of Brits said that habits like nail-biting, blowing your nose at the table, and taking smoke breaks rubbed them the wrong way on a date.

Closing out the list, if you’re rather self-obsessed then you might want to rein it in a little. 60% of Brits agreed that a date that solely talks about themself is unlikely to make it very far.

So, what can you do to impress your date? Brits were united in agreeing that a date that shows an interest in them is likely to make it past the first date. Nearly 9 out of 10 Brits (85%) said that a date that asks them questions and shows an interest is the best way to impress.

Mastering the art of eye contact could also help your chances, with three quarters (75%) of Brits saying that a date who makes good eye contact is a turn on.

Brushing up on your manners is also a great way to impress your date. 75% of Brits said that a date being polite to restaurant staff is a turn on. Manners are particularly important to Britain’s young, with a whopping 94% of 18-24-year-olds saying politeness is a way to their heart.

Being able to choose the date destination is very important for some young singletons, with 1 in 4 of 18-24-year-olds surveyed saying they would want to pick the restaurant for their dinner date.

Interestingly, engaged couples appear unconvinced by their fiancé’s taste in establishments, as over one third (34%) of fiancés place more importance on being able to pick the restaurant for a date themselves, as opposed to letting their other half decide

It appears that British men are the old romantics of the nation, with 36% of men in a relationship saying wining and dining is very important in a long-term relationship to keep the romance alive.

So, if you’re heading out on a first date, brushing up on your table manners and switching that phone off could be the key to getting that all important second date. However, even if you’re in an established relationship, making sure you make time for date nights could help to keep the flame alight.

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