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British Mums Reveal What Surprised Them Most About Motherhood

Being a parent can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles many of us take on, And we all have our own traditions and opinions on the best way to fit the role. Motherhood is one that is jampacked with different characters – from teacher to chef – even supermum!

To understand what it’s truly like to be a mother we surveyed 750 British mothers to find out their thoughts on how becoming a mother changed their lives, and whether becoming a mother really does turn your world upside-down. According to British mums, apparently not, with 80% breaking the motherhood myth – that it’s hard!

For 43% of mums, it has brought a newfound purpose to their lives, with 36% proclaiming they’ve never felt more wanted or loved in life as they are now. It’s no surprise that becoming a mother is truly a life changing experience – with 48% admitting they have less free time, proving that becoming a mother truly is a full-time job.

Unsurprisingly, UK mums shared how overwhelming the love they have towards their children, with a joyous 69% sharing just how much they’ve fallen in love with becoming a mother.

It’s clear that motherhood has unlocked a carefree aspect to 48% of mums, with plenty of mums exuberating a new-found confidence, allowing them to live carefree and not worry about what others may think of them.

Beauty sleep, who needs it? Not mums apparently, with 43% revealing that they can still get on with their day on little-to-no sleep, proving mums really are superhuman.

However, motherhood isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – more than 2 in 5 (44%) mums admitted to having a ‘secret cry’ in their car, with another 37% saying they had an emotional moment in the shower. For some, it was even in the local supermarket, but not to worry – kids also bring that much needed ray of sunshine, brightening up 43% of mum’s days with their cheeky one-liners and unpredictability!

Thankfully, motherhood bonds women together, with 23% saying that forming new friendships with other mums helped them find their footing on the path of motherhood, with 16% revealing how helpful they find sharing experiences of tears, tantrums and TMI! Becoming a mother has helped more than 1 in 5 (21%) reconnect with their own mums, whilst 23% even strengthening their relationship with their partners.

So, when you next see your mum, grandmother, or a mum to be, let them know just how much they mean to you as mums aren’t just for Mother’s Day. So, show your love through helping with even the most meaningless of tasks or treating them to a bougee box of chocolate – or even offer to babysit!