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Camping Essentials For The New Season 

With staycations surging in popularity this year, the camping holiday is officially back and here to stay beyond summertime. Whether you’re camping out under the stars in the Lake District, or just in your back garden, there are some items that every camper needs to make their trip as comfortable as possible!

Take a look at our top picks for every camping trip, all of which are available with a One4all Gift Card

Pitch Your Tents!

Let’s face it, a camping trip wouldn’t exactly be complete without a tent. They’re the pop-up hotels you can take just about anywhere, allowing you to enjoy everything nature has to offer right on your doorstep. Whether you want a luxury tent, or a lightweight one perfect for taking anywhere, there is a tent for everyone. The OLPro Pop Tent from Halfords can be assembled in as little as a minute and is fully waterproof, perfect for tired campers looking to pitch up as quickly as possible.

OLPro Pop Tent, £59.00 at Halfords.


Sweet Dreams

You may not be sleeping in your own bed, but that doesn’t mean your camping trip can’t be comfortable. The rise of ‘glamping’ means that camping can be enjoyable even for those who are used to luxury stays away. If you’re after a comfortable night’s sleep even in the outdoors, the Pro Action Kingsize Flocked Air Bed from Argos will allow you to doze off comfortably. It can be easily inflated in 3 minutes, and offers excellent support, helping you to get your much needed kip on any camping trip.

Pro Action Kingszie Flocked Air Bed, £27.00 at Argos.


Boot Up

Whether you’re tackling towering mountains, or strutting around the campsite, you’ll need some appropriate shoes. If you’re planning on enjoying the countryside on your camping trip, you’ll need a pair of hiking shoes to make any walk as comfortable as possible, stopping any pesky blisters. The Timberland Euro Sprint Waterproof Boots from Schuh will make sure your feet stay dry and comfortable during any hike, allowing you to focus on the beautiful scenery rather than any sore feet!

Timberland Navy Euro Sprint Waterproof Boots, £130.00 at Schuh.


Get Cosy Round the Campfire

After a long day of activities, it’s nice to wrap up, enjoy the sunset, and toast some marshmallows around the campfire. To make sure that your evening is as cosy as possible, it’s a good idea to invest in some relaxing loungewear to snuggle up in. The Softspun Hoodie from GAP is perfect for wrapping up in and enjoying a moonlit night under the stars. This hoodie is designed to be as soft and comfortable as possible, perfect for an evening of relaxation.

Softspun Hoodie, £34.95 at GAP.


Avoid Those Critters!

The great outdoors offers so much to enjoy, from stunning waterfalls to mystical forests. Despite these wonders, the great outdoors brings with it some annoying little guests. Camping in particular can be a hotspot for insects, so the right protection is key to keep yourself comfortable during your stay. The Jungle Formula Spray from Boots helps to deter insects, stopping any irritating bites, helping to make your camping trip painless.

Jungle Formula Maximum Pump Spray 90ml, £9.49 at Boots.