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Comeback Kids: The Top Trends The Nation Wants To See Again

Remember the days when Baby, Ginger, Sporty, Scary and Posh were the only style icons that mattered to your wardrobe? Or when having greasy long hair inspired by grunge groups made you cool? What about the times when over-plucked eyebrows and body glitter were the beauty trends you couldn’t be without?

To celebrate the launch of our extended Favourites Gift Card range, we looked into the nation’s favourite trends, then and now, and found that almost a quarter of UK adults (24%) feel nostalgic about their favourite trends from the past, with 16% wanting their favourite trends from the past to make a comeback.

So, what trends are we loving?

Despite spending the last year or so in sweatpants, the Denim Jacket and the Skinny Jean are the most loved fashion trends, followed by Leggings. With its glorious melodies and incredible hooks, the music sensation that changed the world, Motown, was crowned the favourite music style, followed by retro R&B. Everyone’s favourite Nintendo plumber, Mario, was named gaming king with Lego and Scalextric also earning a place on the top toys list.

The icons that shaped our favourite trends

We also looked into which music groups held the most influence over the nation’s favourite trends from yesteryear and can reveal that British pop-culture icons The Spice Girls with their platform sneakers, spaghetti-strap dresses, PVC skirts and glossy lips were one of the biggest style players. They shared the top spot with American alternative rock-culture band, Nirvana, with their long hair, ripped jeans, destroyed jumpers and flannel shirts. Britpop figureheads, Oasis, known for their iconic style statements such as the ‘bucket hat’, parkas and long sideburns were voted the second most influential group.

Princess Diana (10%), Jennifer Anniston (10%), Madonna (7%), Rihanna (7%) and Beyonce (7%) were voted the top five females that most influenced the trends people followed. David Beckham (9%) led the style stakes of the top five males that most influenced Britain, closely followed by Johnny Depp (8%), Will Smith (8%), Brad Pitt (8%) and Liam Gallagher (5%).

The ‘what were we thinking’ trends

Despite both Posh and Becks featuring on the most influential style lists, their 90s and early 00s ‘his and her’ looks, which included matching Versace leather ensembles and matching purple outfits at their wedding reception are considered a big fashion faux pas with the nation revealing matching couple outfits as a trend that definitely should remain in the hall of shame. Another trend the nation wants to stay in the past are over-plucked eyebrows made popular by supermodels Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford, and pop princess Christina Aguilera. Easy Bake Ovens, arm warmers, frosted tips, porcupine updos, ties over tank tops, ultra-bright concealer, and excessive blusher were also voted the least popular trends.

Do trends influence our personality and relationships?

It’s clear that whatever is trending in the social, entertainment and gaming worlds has some impact on our favourites, with almost 1 in 10 (9%) of those surveyed saying the trends they like influence who they are as a person. Looking back at the most influential celebrities confirm this – Jennifer Aniston and ‘The Rachel’ haircut, David Beckham and his frosted tips, and the Spice Girls whose playful and bold fashion choices cemented their place in the fashion bible forever.

In addition, more than 1 in 10 (11%) parents say the trends they like are never the same as their children, with 1 in 10 parents also revealing that they struggle to stay up to date with the trends their children like. And this is why our Favourites Gift Card range are a major player in the gifting world.


Top Favourite UK Trends

Least Favourite UK Trends

Mario Video Franchise

Easy bake oven


Over-plucked eyebrows


Arm warmers

Denim Jacket

Frosted tips


Porcupine updos


Ties over tank tops


Ultra-bright concealer


Over the top blush

Skinny Jeans

Fall guys game


Matching couple looks


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