One4all eGifts

About eGifts

If you would like to spend more than the value of your One4all Gift Card when shopping online, you can easily do so by redeeming your One4all Gift Card for an eGift. You can choose from a wide range of brands / stores with eGifts being delivered to you instantly via email.

Entertainment eGifts

Enter the world of gaming, listen to your favourite artists or podcasts, or discover endless possibilities for entertainment with One4all Entertainment eCodes.

Fashion eGifts

Whether your style is sporty, quirky, unique or trendy. One4all Fashion eCodes have style, fits and brands for everyone to love.

Home and Garden eGifts

Whether you’re updating the living room, freshening up the kitchen or fitting out your new home office, you’ll find everything you need.

Here’s how to swap your One4all Gift Card for an eGift:


  • On the front of your One4all Gift Card, you’ll find the 16-digit card number and Expiry Date (or Valid Thru as it’s displayed on your gift card). On the back of your gift card, there is a silver panel behind which is the CVV2. Simply scratch this section to find this 3-digit number.
  • On the back of your Favourites Gift Card, there is a silver panel behind which are the details for spending your gift card online. Simply scratch this section to find your 16-digit card number, Expiry Date (or Valid Thru as it’s displayed on your gift card) and CVV2.
  • Visit and enter the 16-digit card number, the Valid Thru date as the expiry date and CVV2 in the required fields
  • Select the eGift option for the brand / store of your choice.
  • Add the eGift value you would like to swap your gift card for. Don’t forget, you don’t have to spend the full value of your gift card in one go.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to the Checkout.

*Don’t forget to check the brand / store terms and conditions before completing your transaction.


  • All eGifts are delivered to the email you provided at the Checkout. After you have completed your order, you should receive your eGift within 15 minutes.
  • This eGift can now be used in conjunction with your credit / debit card when shopping online at your favourite stores. Happy shopping.

*Please note, in some limited instances due to system checks, eGifts can take up to 24 hours to be delivered. If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Service team on