Gift Ideas For Your Friend Who’s Obsessed With Horror Movies

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Christmas Present

It might be the season to be jolly but for horror fans, it’s the witching hour all year long. If you’ve a friend who’s obsessed with haunted houses, evil dolls, and creepy characters, One4all have the perfect gift guide for you.

A Red Balloon

They’ll float too, just like Georgie.

A tricycle

The best way to avoid creepy twins and blood-filled elevators in haunted hotel hallways.

A creepy doll

With names like Annabelle, Brahms, Fats, and Chucky, they’re sure to be your friend’s BFF forever and ever and ever…

A Ouija board

Ouija boards have kickstarted several nightmares from The Exorcist to Paranormal Activity, The Conjuring 2 and What Lies Beneath. Why not give them a taste of ‘real-life evil’ with a board of their own?

A weekend away in a cabin in the woods

With no phone signal, a flesh-eating virus and a machete-wielding hockey mask-wearing killer patrolling the woods, your stressed-out friend will appreciate the ‘me-time’.

A Hereditary-style dollhouse

One of the most stunning details in the unforgettably disturbing Hereditary were the dollhouses created by miniaturist Anne. Treat them to a house of their own this year, with a red room that works like the Room of Requirement (except it serves to drive them insane with its ever-changing form), and ghosts under the stairs, behind the clock, in the kitchen, in the basement…

A TV that doesn’t have reception

You never know, a vengeful ghost might materialise and crawl out of the set or they can enjoy a real Poltergeist of a ride by putting their hands on the screen.

A security camera

For catching ghosts blasting through the walls and possessing their girlfriend.

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