Handbag Essentials Every Woman Should Have

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Handbag Essentials

Sometimes our handbags can feel like Mary Poppins carpetbag – you never know what you’re going to pull out when you go searching for the lipstick that badly needs to be reapplied to your bare mouth.

We get it, it’s important to have everything from your makeup drawers and half of your wardrobe stuffed inside your designer tote but beyond the cosmetics and stock for emergency fashion faux-pas, there are other essentials every woman should have in their bag every single day.

Here’s One4all’s list of handbag essentials that will prepare you for just about anything.

1. Stain Eraser Pen

There’s nothing worse than getting a stain on your shirt at work and having absolutely no way to clean it – a stain eraser pen will save you from going through the day with a coffee or tea stain on your crisp white shirt.

2. Hand Sanitiser

If you get to work via public transport, hand sanitiser is a must-have. Opt for one that has Vitamin E or a moisturising agent, so your hands don’t get dried out.

3. Safety Pins

Safety pins are handy for any fashion faux pas – they’ll hold fabric in place if you pop a button or seam and can be used as a necklace clasp if yours snaps during your working day.

4. Extra Earring Backs

Accessories are the important features that complete an outfit – don’t lose your style points because an earring back popped off, forcing you to take out your statement hoops. Carry spare earring backs, always.

5. Tissues

From makeup mistakes to year-round allergies, tissues are the handbag hero that can clean up any mess.

6. Battery Back/Portable Phone Charger

Between the ongoing gossip in the group chat and the social media checks every half hour, we can’t go for long periods of time without our phones. In work, you can keep your phone plugged in for most of the day but if you’ve got dinner and drinks after the 9-to-5 you need to carry a battery pack or portable phone charger in your handbag.

7. Blotting Papers

Blotting papers are one of the most useful beauty accessories – the absorbent makeup sheets combat shine, stop makeup caking and give your skin a refreshing boost.

8. USB Flash Drive

Keep a USB flash drive on your keychain to back up important documents, especially if you regularly give presentations out of the office.

9. Notebook and Pen

In today’s digital age, we know everything you need can be stored on your phone but it’s always a good idea to have a notebook and pen with you. Writing notes down during meetings helps keep you focused.

10. Healthy Snack

The afternoon slump is real and if you’re not prepared for it, you’ll probably reach for snacks loaded with sugar and nasties for a quick energy fix. Always have healthy snacks like nuts, fruit, oatcakes, and nut butter handy.