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Please be advised there is a delay in PIN numbers being issued.  This issue should be resolved in the next 24 / 48 hours.

Chip & PIN Gift Card

Watch a short instructional video to learn how to activate your One4all Chip & PIN Gift Card.

How do I activate my card?

  1. Go to, create an account or log in, select card activation from the drop-down menu which appears under your name.
  2. Click on “Verify New Card” and fill in the last 8 digits of your card details in the fields provided. The first 8 digits of the card are pre-populated. If this is not your first Chip & PIN card, you will now receive an SMS with a PIN code.
  3. If this is your first Chip & PIN card, you will receive an SMS with a link to download the One4all ID-Pal app, you will need a passport or drivers licence to hand to complete this step.
  4. Once your ID Pal submission is completed and accepted, only then will your card be activated and you will receive your PIN via text message.

How do I know if my card is activated?

Your card will not be ready for use until you activate the card on and following the verification process. You will be notified once you are successfully verified and then you will receive an SMS / Text shortly after.

How do I get my PIN number? Where can I find it?

You will receive your PIN number once you activate your card and successfully verified. You will find this in your text messages after successful verification.

Why do I need to send my information?

Our Chip & Pin cards are e-money regulated products and any e-money cards over £120 must submit identification through our secure App for the card to be used

How does my Chip & PIN card work?

Enter your card into the card terminal in-store in one of our participating retailers and enter in your pin number we have sent you after successful verification. If you wish to use the card online, please use it like a normal visa / debit card (no pin required online purchases)

How do I check my Chip & PIN card balance?

Go to and enter in full card number and CVV on back of card

Are these cards contactless?

No, you must insert your chip & pin card into the card terminal and enter the pin number that was sent via SMS / Text. Do not swipe card through terminal.

Can I top up my Chip & PIN card?

No, this is a single load card only

What is the "KYC process"?

This is a verification process that One4all must comply with on our e-money regulated products

How can I get a Chip & PIN card?

You can purchase these through our website    These cards are available from £120 - £400.

Digital Gift Card

Watch a short instructional video to learn how to activate your One4all Reloadable Digital Gift Card.

Why do I have to download an App called ID Pal?

You only need to download an App called ID Pal if you have received a reloadable digital gift card or Chip & PIN gift card from your employer. Due to this being a reloadable or high-value gift card it must be registered in your name. With the intentions of it being topped up again in the future you must follow a verification process. This involves downloading a secure App ID Pal to submit your identification through this platform. Once you have successfully submitted your ID, you will receive a notification to say it has been successful. Your card will then be ready to use.

Why do I have to submit my identification on a gift card?

Due to our cards being an e-money regulated product we must comply with regulations. For you to use your reloadable digital card you must provide identification through the ID Pal App. Once successful verification your card will be ready to use.

How will I know my Reloadable Digital card is ready to be used?

Once you have downloaded the ID Pal App through the secure link sent to you via SMS and submitted successful verification, your digital card be fully visible in your Digital account (card not greyed out)

I did not receive my verification code?

Please note that sometimes due to high demand, there may be a delay to send out your verification code. In certain rare cases, when the code arrives, it will not work because it has expired. In this case, please wait a few hours and try again later. We apologise for the inconvenience.

I have just received a digital gift from my employer. Why do I have to submit my identification through an App?

Please note that your employer chose the reloadable digital gift card for you, so KYC verification is required. This is due to new EU legislation laws on all e-money regulated products that a verification process must be in place on all e-money gift cards sold over the value of £120.

When a user receives a reloadable Digital card, once they have clicked to claim this and they are in the account the card will appear slightly different in that it will be greyed out and have an option to ‘Activate’ the card which will be done Via a secure app called ID-Pal.  

When the user clicks on this a box will appear on the screen confirming the phone number the text message will be sent to. Once confirmed, the user will receive a text message with a secure link to download the ID pal app.  

The secure link will bring the user directly to their Apple / Android app store.  

When the user opens the app, they will need to scan their passport or driving licence using the phone's camera, as well as taking a ‘Selfie’ as instructed by the app. When scanning the Document, the app will confirm if the image is accepted or if it must be taken again due to a shine / blur. If using a driving licence, both the front and the back of the card need to be scanned.  

The next step is a ‘Liveness Test’, when the user clicks on this section, they will be asked to take a ‘selfie’ to match their face to the ID document they have just uploaded. The screen will advise the user to hold the phone closer or further away, making sure their face is centre. The user will then be asked to blink, which will take the photo. 

Once the images are complete, the user will then be asked to enter their personal details such as date of birth, address, and email to complete the verification.  

If there are no problems with the documents and details uploaded, the user will receive a notification on their phone to confirm the verification was successful. The One4all reloadable digital card will become live within an hour. The user can then proceed as normal to spend the card online or add the card to the digital app / apple wallet to spend in-store.  

Please note that once your submission is made, all data will be wiped from the phone, encrypted and sent to your account - so you need not worry about leaving any data on your device.

My card is showing 'Pending Activation', what do I do next?

Click 'Activate Card' and you will be sent a link to download the ID-Pal app. Download the app and follow the ID-Pal process to verify your ID. Once complete, your card will be activated and ready to spend.


Why am I being asked to verify my identity and is my data secure?

The European 5th Money Laundering Directive introduces new limits on the values that can be loaded onto anonymous e-money cards. As many of our customers want the flexibility to exceed these values we have introduced new products, One4all Chip and Pin (and Digital reloadable) which facilitate higher values by being non-anonymous.

We looked at the requirements and options to collect and obtain sufficient customer information to meet our obligations under the legislation and selected the ID-PAL solution of a “selfie” with photo ID combination to collect the information required with the least effort for our customers. This process takes just a few minutes and all data is securely held in line with GDPR requirements.

This process enables One4all to provide higher value cards that comply with all anti money laundering regulations. It also provides additional security for our cardholders to protect them against fraud, including SMS text checks for certain online transactions.  This solution meets all requirements to ensure a high level of security for processing personal data.

I am having issues with accessing my link

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing your ID-PAL link, it may be a technical issue which is invariably device-related and is usually solved within minutes. Following these steps, in order, will ensure you can resolve your difficulties in the shortest time possible: 

    • Deleting the app, switching your mobile device off and on again, and then clicking on the link to download the app once more
    • Forwarding your ID-Pal download link to another device (such as an iPhone or Samsung) and making a submission from that device

I am having trouble using the ID-Pal app

Please click here for further instructions and troubleshooting on this app.


Why does my card read ‘pending activation’?

If your digital gift card shows as pending activation in your ‘My gift cards’ section, this means you have successfully claimed an employer issued reloadable digital card and now need to complete the activation process. Once you click to activate the card you will receive a link via text for the ID Pal service.  Please follow the instructions in the text and via the ID Pal App to complete this process.


What is the ID Pal service?

If you have a reloadable digital card you must submit a photo of proof of Identity by using the secure ID Pal service. Once complete your reloadable digital card will fully activate for use.  You will be notified by text once the process is complete and you can use your card.


Where is my order?

Last Postage Dates

Standard post - order before 12pm on Monday 21st December.

Special delivery - order before 12pm on Tuesday 22nd December.


Where is my order?

Please note due to extremely high volumes flowing through the postal system, some orders are taking longer than usual to arrive. We are dispatching all orders within 24 hours however we are reliant on the hard work of the national postal system to get your order to you as quickly as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience this causes and appreciate your patience in these unusual times.

Spending & Balance

Spending your gift card

Which stores accept the One4all Gift Card?

Over 120 stores accept the One4all Gift Card. You can view the full retailer list here.


How do I spend the One4all Gift Card Online?

In a nutshell: use it like you would a Visa Debit card. If you need more help spending online, full instructions are available here. Make sure to check the Spend Online page to make sure your chosen retailer accepts the One4all Gift Card online, as not all retailers can do so.


I want to buy something worth more than the value of the card.

In-store: simply tell the cashier how much is on your One4all Gift Card and they will swipe for this amount, then you can pay the rest via cash or card.
Online: unfortunately this is not currently possible, as most websites do not accept multiple payment methods.


Can I spend my One4all Gift Card on

Unfortunately this option is no longer available.


Can I ‘top up’ or add extra funds to my One4all Gift Card?

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to top your card with additional funds, as the One4all Gift Card is a single-load card.


The retailer wasn’t sure how to process my One4all Gift Card.

All retailers should be fully knowledgeable about how to process the One4all Gift Card, however if they’re not sure, simply tell them to swipe the card like a typical Visa debit card (i.e. back in the days before Chip & PIN). Make sure you know your card’s balance, as the retailer won’t be able to check this for you.


My card didn’t work when I tried to spend it in-store.

There could be several reasons why this happened. Please check:

- That you know your balance, and it is more than or equal to the amount you’re trying to spend.
- The One4all Gift Card hasn’t expired (check the Valid Thru date on the front of the card).
- The retailer’s card terminal isn't working correctly.

Checking your gift card balance

How do I check the balance on my One4all Gift Card?

There is a range of ways to check your gift card balance.

- Check balance online by clicking here
- Text 'My Balance' followed by your 16 digit card number to 57887 to receive an SMS stating your balance.
- Download our new iOS or Android app


My One4all Gift Card has zero balance.

The One4all Gift Card is a prepaid card which means that money must be loaded onto the card at the time of purchase. Once 24 hours have elapsed from the date of purchase, your balance will be available to spend.


Why do I need to know my balance?

Retailers do not have access to check your balance at their tills, as the One4all Gift Card is a prepaid Visa debit card (a bit like your bank card – retailers can’t see your bank balance). If they attempt to process the One4all Gift Card for more than the balance on the card then the transaction will be rejected.


How is the balance on my card protected?

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an electronic money institution and the money on your card is classified as electronic money. For your protection, the money that you have on your card is backed by money kept by us in a separate safeguarded bank account. This money is held separately and is only available for the purposes of giving you back your money on your request. This safeguarded money is also not available to our creditors, our bank or third parties. It means that whenever you ask us to redeem (withdraw) your e-money, that money will be available to you. In the event of us becoming insolvent, the balance on your card will be paid out to you by the insolvency practitioner from our safeguarded bank account once any costs of insolvency proceedings are settled. This means that the total of funds available to our customers and, therefore, to you may be decreased by the amount of insolvency costs.


Is One4all covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme?

No, we are not a Bank. Banks participate in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) – e-money issuers do not. The FSCS acts like an insurance policy for bank accounts and pays out up to a maximum of £85,000 per eligible person, per bank, building society or credit union or up to £170,000 for joint accounts. E-money issuers are not covered by the Scheme.

Other Questions

Postage & Shipping

Standard postage and packaging costs £0.99 ( Free on orders over £50 ) and will take 2 to 3 business days from time of order approval and dispatch.

Special Delivery costs £6.50 and will take 1 to 2 business days for delivery from time of order approval and dispatch. You will receive an email with the tracking number, so you can track your gift card in transit.  A signature will be required at time at time of delivery.


Purchasing Errors on One4all

If you have tried to make a payment and received an error or decline message please see the table below for the list of
reasons this might occur.

A processor decline indicates that your bank has refused the transaction request. Sometimes you can tell why it was
declined by reading the response code, but only your bank can confirm the specific reason.

The most common reasons for declines are:

Incorrect credit card number or expiration date
Insufficient funds
The bank declined based on location
The bank’s fraud rules blocked the transaction
Using autofill or scan card option when entering in payment details – retry and manually type in card details

I tried spending my One4all Gift Card online and it didn’t work.

Only selected stores accept the One4all Gift Card online. Additionally, One4all Gift Cards must be used as a prepaid Visa debit card with these retailers, rather than as a ‘store gift card’. The full list of online retailers, plus instructions on how to spend your card with them, is available here.


Can I combine multiple One4all Gift Cards?

In-store: you can use multiple One4all Gift Cards towards a single purchase.
Online: unfortunately it’s not possible to use multiple One4all Gift Cards when spending online, as most websites don’t accept multiple payment methods. However, you can contact our customer services team to arrange for your cards to be combined up to a maximum value of £120 (please note this will require you to send us your cards and pay a small fee).


Is there a fee for buying the One4all Gift Card?

There is no fee to purchase a One4all Gift Card in the Post Office. There is a fee of 99p for postage and packaging when purchasing One4all Gift Cards online.


Is there a minimum/maximum amount that I can buy a One4all Gift Card for?

The One4all Gift Card can be purchased in £1 denominations for any amount from £10 up to a maximum of £120. Corporate customers wishing to gift up to £400 to their staff can do so with a new Chip & PIN One4all Gift Card, coming soon.


What do I do if my One4all Gift Card gets lost or stolen?

To report a lost or stolen One4all Gift Card please call the customer service Helpline immediately on 03700 84 4444. We need the card number or original proof of purchase in order for us void the card and to replace it. We also reserve the right to ask some additional security questions to confirm your ownership of the card and funds. A re-issue fee of £5.00 will apply. One4all cannot accept any liability for deductions from your card prior to you notifying us with full details. As soon as we are advised of the loss/theft of the card, One4all can block the card to prevent any further spending on the card, however we will require written confirmation of the loss/theft before we can replace the card.


How long is my One4all Gift Card valid for?

One4all Gift Cards can be spent free of charges for 18 months following the purchase date (i.e. when the card was bought from a Post Office or online). After this time a monthly charge of 90p will be deducted from funds remaining on the card, until the card balance reaches zero.


Do I have to use it all in the same shop or can I use it in different retailers?

You can spend your One4all Gift Card in as many shops as you like.


What if I have a complaint about the card?

At One4all we hope you enjoy spending your card. However, we do realise that at times things might not go as expected.  Should this happen and you cannot resolve the matter yourself please contact us on the Customer Service number or email at the bottom of the page.  If however, you wish to make a complaint please click here where we detail how you can make a complaint.

Still need assistance?

If we haven't answered your question here or you still need more information, you can get in touch with our friendly customer service team by calling us on 03700 84 4444 (local call rates apply) or sending us an email at

Please note we are dealing with extremely high volumes of queries at present and will endeavour to resolve your query as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.

Normal office hours: Monday to Sunday: 9am - 6pm.