How To Avoid Pretending You Love Your New Hairdo

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Hair Stylist

We’ve all been there: Sat with tears welling up in our eyes as we reassure a hairstylist ‘Oh, I LOVE it, thank you so much, it’s perfect, the colour really suits me’, only to call our best friend immediately after walking out of the salon door to sob down the phone about how much we hate our-newly installed bangs and super short layers.

Here in the One4all HQ, we get it, you don’t want to insult anybody’s work, but you look like David Bowie’s Jareth the Goblin King so, you need to speak up.

If a hair makeover is on your to-do list this festive season, walk out of the salon smiling with these top tips.

1. Be Honest: If you are unhappy with your new hairdo, tell your stylist first before seeking the advice of another. If the colour is nothing like what you wanted, or you’ve now got baby bangs instead of a weave like Claudia Winkleman, let your hair stylist know then and there. Honesty is the best policy and they will appreciate both the positive and negative feedback. 

Always contact your hairstylist or salon before going elsewhere! You are dealing with professionals who want to make their clients feel like the best version of themselves. If you are not loving your hair, email or call the salon within a week of your service explaining that your hair may need an adjustment and you'd like to stop by to discuss this in person with your hairstylist. Seeing your hair in person and hearing you voice your concerns is the most effective way to decide the next steps in getting you to your hair goal!

2. Go for a pre-haircut/pre-colour consultation: You might love the mental picture of what you’d look like with a bright red bob, but this may be very different from your stylist’s interpretation. To make sure you’re happy with your hair transformation, meet with your stylist beforehand. Talk through styles and colours and referencing images can really help you and your stylist achieve a style that you are happy with.

Communicate your concerns as clearly as you can to your hairstylist. If you think you will have trouble styling your new look, walk them through your morning routine.

3. Give it to time to settle: We don’t like change and sometimes it’s the shock of the difference that makes you hate your new hair. But, like anything new, give it a chance to grow on you.

Wait a few weeks and if you’re still unhappy, go back to your stylist for a fix. ‘The Rachel’ haircut from Friends was the must-have hairstyle of the 90s but the woman who started the trend absolutely hated it. Jennifer Aniston once described it as ‘the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen’. Like your new ‘do, the style could be lovely, it’s just not the style for you.

Helpful phrases  

1. ‘I love the cut, but the colour isn’t as dark/bright as I thought’.  

2. ‘I love the colour, but I really don’t like myself with long layers, any chance you could cut into a bit more?’.

3. ‘The colour isn’t what I thought. Remember the picture of Blake Likely I showed you? I was hoping the colour would be like that.’