How To Inject Personality Into Your Home

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Home Interiors

The summer months have finally arrived and if you’re like us here in the One4all HQ, you’ve got a home revamp in your plans. The sun, the longer days and the pretty flowers growing in the garden make us want to breathe new life into our living space.

So, if you want to rejuvenate your interiors for the new season, here are our top tips:

1.      Declutter

The first step in reinventing your home for a new season is to declutter. Throw out old bed sheets, rugs, and other knickknacks and donate unwanted clothes to your local charity shop.

2.      Add colour and prints

If you rarely sway from your go-to colour palette of white and greys, summertime is the ideal opportunity to switch things up and introduce colour and prints to your life. This could be anything from a statement wall in a bright colour or bold print to bright artwork, floral lamp shades and geometric print rugs.

3.      Bring in texture

If your interior looks flat, it’s probably because its lacking in texture. Adding texture to your home is a wonder style solution that instantly makes your space feel cosier and look more compelling. For example, put a faux fur rug on a wooden floor, embrace patterns like vibrant patterned cushions placed on a linen or cotton couch, hang wall-mounted plants and fabric tapestries on your walls, and add richness with velvet cushions or foot poufs.

4.      Accessorise

A vase full of bright flowers, bold candles, flamboyant tablecloths, unusual pictures and wall art or plants will make your space pop through colour and fragrance.

5.      Fragrant wonderland

Add the scent of the season to your home with scented candles, diffuser sets, fresh flowers and plants. Opt for fresh fruity fragrances or tropical notes to fully embrace the time of year.

6.      Let in the light

Embrace the power of this season’s natural light; open up your blinds and curtains and let the sunshine in. If your house isn’t blessed with enough of the natural stuff, be clever with your interior lighting and use as many light sources you need to achieve your desired atmosphere.