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How To Work From Home With The Kids

How To Work From Home With The KidsHow To Work From Home With The Kids

As many parents take on the challenge of home schooling their little ones, it is going to be difficult to balance the time children require whilst carrying out your everyday job. It will be an interesting adjustment, but One4all has a range of tips to help you on your working from home journey with the kids!

1. Establish a routine

It’s important to make sure you keep a routine throughout the day for yourself and the kids. Try to get up and take lunch at the same time each day, pick a time for exercise or going out for a walk to give the kids, and yourself, something to look forward to. Bringing a sense of normality to the situation will help children to feel calmer and let them focus on activities you set them while you get on with some work.

2. Activities and Challenges

Help keep kids engaged by setting them activities and challenges throughout the day. While little ones are preoccupied with their daily tasks, it will allow you time to carry on with some work uninterrupted. Giving them a long-term task to accomplish will give them something enjoyable to come back to every day and provide them with something to show their friends when they do return to schooll. 

3. Have a designated workspace

Choose a space in the house to work and stick to it. By having a designated workspace, children will understand that this is your quiet area and will hopefully leave you be to continue your work.

4. Games

Help engage kids with their daily learning through games - there are some great educational games out there such as Junior Scrabble. Also make the most of technology, like computers and gaming consoles for learning and entertainment. Getting the children to sit down and play for a few hours is sure to give you time to work.

5. Communicate

Keep communicating, whether it’s with your partner, employer or even you children. Let your partner know if you need to focus on working for a few hours and ask them to take charge of the days lessons and activities, or try to explain to little ones that you need to complete some work. Let your employer know if you are having to give your kids some attention and remain transparent about how much work you are able to effectively complete each day. Communicating with all those around you will help you to feel less stressed and as a result, allows you to be more productive when you sit down and get to work.

6. Boredom

Let the kids get bored! It’s not a crime to let your children get bored while stuck at home. There are actually a lot of positive effects of being bored, and it’s likely once children have gotten bored they will be able to sit and focus on activities or lessons, allowing you to get on with working.

7. Stay positive

Most importantly, stay positive throughout this experience! Many employers understand it isn’t easy to work while your children are also at home so don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s also likely that kids are going to go a little stir crazy so don’t worry if you don’t manage to get them to stick to a routine or complete a task. You’re doing a great job and no two days are going to be the same.

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