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Keeping Healthy At Home

Keeping Healthy At HomeKeeping Healthy At Home

Adjusting to life in lockdown and finding a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, especially if your daily routine has completely changed. However, there are some simple habits you can keep and things you can do to make fitting in exercise a little easier.

If you’re struggling to find time for your wellbeing during this difficult time, One4all has a range of tips to help you keep healthy at home.

Dress for the Occasion

Shaping Tights High Waist, £24.99 from H&MShaping Tights High Waist, £24.99 from H&M

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an expert at exercising, having activewear that you feel comfortable and confident in is essential. If you struggle to find the motivation to exercise or are disinterested in doing so, finding some stylish activewear that you feel good wearing is a great way to get you work-out ready – after all, you don’t want them to go to waste!

Shaping Tights High Waist, £24.99 from H&M

Setting a Schedule

Power Planner Monday Blink, £14.99 from WaterstonesPower Planner Monday Blink, £14.99 from Waterstones

It is all too easy to be hard on ourselves about the amount that we’re exercising or feel disappointed when we aren’t progressing as much as we may have hoped. Setting a clear and realistic schedule for the week is a great way to both organise your days and manage your expectations when it comes to how much you will be able to work out and what you can achieve in that time.

Power Planner Monday Blink, £14.99 from Waterstones 

Get the Kids Involved

GapFit 2in1 Tank, £19.95 from GapGapFit 2in1 Tank, £19.95 from Gap

While we may have expected to have tons more free time during lockdown, this may not be the case for those home-schooling and trying to keep little ones entertained. If you are struggling to fit exercise in around child-care, why not get your kids involved with your workouts? From a simple power walk to following along a HIIT workout or beginner’s yoga tutorial on YouTube, there are plenty of ways to keep the whole family busy and active, while still making time for your own wellbeing.

GapFit 2in1 Tank, £19.95 from Gap

The Proper Equipment

Laced up Knitted Trainers, from £49.50  from M&SLaced up Knitted Trainers, from £49.50  from M&S

There is nothing more disheartening or disruptive to your fitness routine than suffering an injury. Once you have found an exercise that you enjoy, it’s important to ensure that you have suitable clothing and equipment to avoid potential injuries and also get the most out of your workout. Whether you are purchasing a new bike, trainers, weights, or resistance bands, do some research into what equipment is best suited to you and your fitness goals.

Laced up Knitted Trainers, from £49.50  from M&S

Nutritious and Delicious

Protein Pancake Mix, £4.99 form MyProteinProtein Pancake Mix, £4.99 form MyProtein

In such strange and uncertain times, it’s natural to seek comfort from our favourite sweet treats and snacks. Rather than depriving yourself of these comforts, why not find some healthy alternatives that you can indulge in? This is a great way to keep the household happy and healthy and experiment with new recipes.

Protein Pancake Mix, £4.99 form MyProtein

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