Lessons I’ve Learned From My Mum: Linda Louie

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Linda and Claire

The relationship a mum shares with her children is unique, complex, and constantly evolving. For many, she can be a continuous source of emotional, professional, romantic and mental guidance and support.

In honour of Mother’s Day on 31st March, One4all asked people to reflect on their relationship with their mums, sharing their fondest memories, what they’re most thankful for and the most valuable lessons they’ve learned.

Here, blogger Linda Louise from Home Is Where My Heart Is tells One4all about her wonderful relationship with her mum Claire.

Tell us about your relationship with your mum:

‘My mum was a beautiful lady who had a tough childhood and family life. When I was young, she was my idol. I would follow her around everywhere. My school and college years, we were best friends. I wanted to make her life simpler and be her support system. During my adulthood, she became my best friend and the best nana ever! We shared everything and talked all the time. She passed away thirteen years ago, and I miss her every day.’

What's the fondest memory you have of your mum from your childhood? 

‘Every Sunday we would travel to my grandmother’s house and while we watched television after dinner, all the adults would play poker in the dining room. The room was smoke-filled with the smell of beer and potato chips. I would stand next to my mum and watch her hand while she played black jack. I would add the cards and nod yes for "hit me" and no for "no more". I became really good at math!!’

What are you most grateful to your mum for?

‘As an adult, my mum was my best friend. I would call her at any time of the day and vent about a problem, or laugh about something one of my kids did, or catch up on our favourite television show. After she passed away, I would catch myself picking up the phone to talk about nothing, then realising she wasn't there anymore.’

How has your mum supported you in life?

‘My mum was a realist and I am a dreamer so whenever I shared one of my dreams, she would play devil's advocate. I'd listen to her, then give my rebuttal and she would always come back with support and belief that I could do anything I put my mind to.’

What are the biggest life lessons you've learned from your mum?  

‘When my father passed away, my mum didn't have a driver's license or employment, so she had to put away her fear and insecurity and learn tasks at the age of 43 that she had never done. She was a strong lady who learned to survive and finish raising her kids on her own. I admired her for her resiliency.’

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