Our Favourite Moments From The Toy Story Movies

Toy Story Best Moments Feature

In a few weeks, Woody, Buzz and the rest of the Toy Story gang will return to the big screen for another adventure in Toy Story 4. The fourth instalment in the beloved Pixar franchise sees everyone’s favourite toys embark on a road trip with new owner Bonnie and her new toy Forky (which she made herself in school from a white spork, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and yarn).

Since its introduction in 1995, the franchise has taken us on an emotional roller-coaster. In honour of Toy Story 4 being released later this summer, we take a look back at our top memorable Toy Story moments.

Toy Story 1 – The Rescue

At the end of Toy Story 1, Buzz and Woody have escaped Sid’s evil clutches but their break free mission doesn’t quite go to plan as they miss the moving truck by mere seconds. But with the help of RC Car and an exploding rocket, the pair manage to fly to safety, landing safely next to their ultimate BFF Andy.

Toy Story 2 – Toy Story Meets Star Wars

Buzz Lightyear is finally confronted by his arch nemesis, the evil Emperor Zurg, but learns a shocking truth that’s taken directly from Star Wars.

Toy Story 3 – Spanish Buzz

He may lack the height of Sheriff Woody, but Buzz Lightyear has muscles, the chin, the confidence and the ability to fly to ‘Infinity and Beyond’, making him a pretty hunky action figure. How could he possibly get any better? Switch to Spanish mode.

Toy Story 3 – Opening Scene

As far as opening scenes go, this is easily one of the greatest. The imaginary sequence which saw Woody trying to stop armed robbers (the Potato Heads) and save a train full of orphans (toy trolls) was epic.

Toy Story 3 – Introducing Ken

Barbie finally meets her soulmate and his entrance did not disappoint. He’s toned and tanned with a serious passion for fashion – we wish we could visit his Dreamhouse to get our hands on his extensive wardrobe.

Toy Story 3 – Andy’s Heart-breaking Choice

In one of the most devastating scenes of the franchise, we realise that, after 15 years, the unthinkable has finally happened – Andy grew up. He no longer played with his toys and was heading off to college. After a chaotic 24 hours which saw Woody, Buzz and the gang escape the dictatorial Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear, Andy made the decision to give his toys away to a loving little girl, Bonnie. Andy enjoys one more play before leaving his toys forever.

What scenes did we miss?