How to plan the perfect Christmas

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-         67% of British families argue at Christmas

-          Playing board games topped the poll as the most common cause of festive feuds

-          3 million Brits believe there is no such thing as the perfect Christmas

It seems there's no such thing as the perfect Christmas! We recently ran some research that found that we tend to embrace family squabbles and awkwardness on 25th December... who knew! 

According to our survey of 1,031 UK adults, 67% of British families squabble at Christmas. The most common argument-starter? Playing board games, with 24% saying it's fuelled a feud at some point. 

Children squabbling over toys (22%), the host/hostess not having enough help (19%), giving and receiving gifts (18%) and deciding what to watch on TV followed in the top five. 

Indeed, 3 million Brits believe there is no such thing as the perfect Christmas. 

The research also polled respondents about what contributes to their idea of the perfect Christmas, and found it is the small things that really matter.

Opening presents as a family (61%), watching Christmas films (46%) and TV programmes (42%) together, pulling Christmas crackers and indulging in sweets (35%) all play their part in the perfect, quintessentially British Christmas Day. 

Glaswegians (77%) were the most likely to experience arguments on Christmas Day, closely followed by those in Edinburgh and Newcastle (both 73%). Meanwhile, those in Nottingham experienced the most harmonious Christmases (56%), closely followed by Liverpudlians (56%).

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