Restaurant Favourites

If you’ve got a loved one who loves to eat, make food the star of your gift with a Restaurant Favourites Gift Card. It can be spent at some of the UK’s favourite restaurants, making it a gift that not only delivers on great taste but a great experience too.  

Choose where to spend

The Restaurant Favourites Gift Card is all about tasty food and fun times with family and friends. To make sure it delivers, we’ve partnered with some of the best eating spots across the UK. You can spend it on whatever meal your tastebuds fancy.  

Check out the participating retailers to see where you can start spending.  

How to use the card

You can spend your Restaurant Favourites Gift Card at any Restaurant Favourites participating retailer.   

You don’t have to spend the total value in one go and can use your Card multiple times until the balance reaches £0.   

Know your balance before you spend as the retailer will not be able to find out your balance. If your Card is swiped for more than the balance on the Card, the transaction will be declined. 

Your Restaurant Favourites Gift Card is valid for 12 months from the date of activation so please ensure you enjoy eating out and spending it within 12 months. 

Spend In-Store

Select a store from the range displayed above. At the till, present your gift card and let the cashier know the balance before they swipe it. Your Favourites card works just like a swipe-to spend card when shopping in-store.

Our Favourites Family Range

The Restaurant Favourites Gift Card is managed by GVS Prepaid Limited. It is not an electronic money product pursuant to the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 and as such does not benefit from the safeguarding benefits of electronic money. However GVS Prepaid holds funds outstanding on this product in a bank account that is separate and segregated from its assets. In the unlikely event of GVS Prepaid becoming insolvent your money is protected and will be available for return to cardholders.