The Golden Age of Weddings

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Golden Age Of Weddings

If you’re 25, the chances are you have been to a wedding this year!

We found that 25-year olds attend four weddings a year on average, forking out an average of £3,104 to celebrate friend’s nuptials each year.

The cost of the dress, shoes, professional hair and make-up adds up for women when it comes to prepping for the big day, with female guests spending an average of £163 on dressing to impress.

The average wedding gift spend was revealed to be £65, with the majority (85%) spending up to £100 on a gift for the happy couple. The research found that 15% of generous gifters spend over £100 whilst the same number confessed to giving no gift at all!

A third of those polled (33%) said the cost of a wedding can quickly escalate with 28% claiming that attending a wedding is just too expensive.

Similarly, almost a fifth of respondents (18%) admitted to having to make sacrifices to afford the cost of attending a loved one’s wedding. More than 1 in 10 sacrificed their annual holiday and 13% even turned down other social occasions in a bid to celebrate nuptials.

The summer months, June, July and August were found to be the most popular for weddings, while unsurprisingly, the research discovered January was the least popular month for UK adults.