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The Nation Reveals How Important Their Friends Are At Christmas

We all have our favourite Christmas traditions when it comes to the festive season, whether it’s putting up the tree with the family, tucking into our favourite Christmas delicacies, or sitting down to watch a cheesy Christmas film. However, for many of us, Christmas is a time for cherishing our nearest and dearest, from our family to our closest friends.

Last Christmas saw many of us separated from our friends, which is why this year, the nation is looking to make up for lost time and let their hair down with their close pals for fun-filled festivities.

To find out just how Brit’s plan to celebrate Christmas this year, we surveyed 1,006 UK adults and asked them about their favourite festivities. Unsurprisingly, friends are high on the priority list, as more than 1 in 3 (36%) are most looking forward to spending quality time with their mates.

When it comes to spending quality time with friends this Christmas, it appears dressing up and heading out for some food is still as popular as ever, with 24% of Brits saying they’re most excited to go out for a Christmas meal and catch up with their friends.

Us Brits are also a caring bunch, with nearly 1 in 5 (15%) admitting they’re most excited to share gifts with their pals. Looking at how Brits will splash the cash when treating their friends, a heart-warming 63% will buy their bestie a gift, whilst 40% will treat them to their favourite tipple on a Christmas night out.

Picking the perfect gift can be a difficult task, as we try to find an item that will be meaningful to our pals. As a nation, we’re not afraid to put our hands in our pockets and splash the cash, with Brits spending around £15 - £20 on each of our closest friends.

Whilst we’re a giving bunch, it seems women are even more generous when it comes to gifting, as a whopping 68% admitted to buying gifts for their friends, compared with 58% of men.

However, whilst men may be a little less likely to buy their friends a gift, they’re not afraid to get their wallet out on a Christmas night out, as 49% of men will buy their friends drinks, compared to only 31% of women.

The research also revealed that we care a lot about our friends, with 32% saying that their friends put thought and effort into their Christmas gifts. In fact, our friends may be out-gifting our own families, as 26% of Brits admitted that their friends are better at picking those top Christmas gifts than their own families.

However, whilst a meaningful present is always nice, one that we can share a laugh with is always a nice surprise. Hoping to crack a smile on their friend’s face this Christmas, 1 in 4 say that they regularly buy their pals funny or joke Christmas gifts.

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