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There’s no other experience quite like watching entertainment on the big screen. The sights and sounds, the hushed conversation, the great anticipation. Then, it’s just about you and the screen. Bathed in bright lights, sitting in utter darkness, feeling as though you could reach out and be part of the action. And it’s not over when the lights come up. Great experiences linger with you; they become part of who you are and it’s this escape from daily life that keeps us coming back for more… and more.

At Vue, we believe there is nothing like the full blown big screen experience delivered at its best, which demands the perfect tuning of the seats, the screen, and brilliant sound 

Booking Options

Directly in the Cinema
Tickets can be purchased directly in the cinema using your One4all Card at the main Retail Till points.

Booking Online

  1. If you are using your One4all Gift Card to book tickets online through please bring your One4all Gift Card with you to collect your tickets at the main retail till points.

  2. If you wish to use the self-service collection points please take note of your collection Reference Code to use these machines,

  3. Select the Booking Reference option on the self-service machines and enter code.

  4. Tickets will be dispensed. 

Delivery Times:

All orders are subject to credit card clearance - All orders received and cleared within 24 hours- Average delivery time is 1-2 working days - Secure Post requires a signature on receipt. Personalised Cards which may take 3-4 working days.

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