Wedding Wonder – How To Be The Most Stylish Wedding Guest

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Wedding Guest Dressing Feature

Dressing for a wedding can be tough; there are so many factors that go into deciding on the perfect outfit, for example; how formal is the wedding? Is it a family or best friend’s wedding? Will grass be involved? What’s the venue? Is it possible to recycle an old wardrobe gem? (i.e., has the guest list seen you in this outfit before) Is black an option – you see where we’re going here but Vogue has come up with the answer to all our wedding guest woes. The Fashion Bible recently created the ultimate guide to wedding guest dressing, here’s what it advises:  

  • Stick to your style: Don’t go for a style that you’re not comfortable with. Stay true to yourself as Vogue advises ‘if you always wear black, go ahead, just make sure your accessories are zingy’.
  • Avoid wearing pale colours: Vogue believes that wearing white or pale colours will steal the bride’s thunder so advises that ‘if you must wear pale colours – or are eyeing up flirtatiously revealing necklines – clear it with your host first, preferably with an accompanying visual sent via WhatsApp’.
  • Wear a nice brand: If you’re looking to stand-out from the crowd, Vogue recommends you ‘name-drop a brand that’s reassuringly niche’.
  • Avoid fascinators: Vogue believes they ‘only ever look half-hearted’ so instead, suggests wearing ‘crystal-frosted hair clips’ or ‘spectacular pillbox hats’.
  • Everything shouldn’t match: If you thought your bag, shoes, coat and accessories all need to be matchy-matchy, think again, as Vogue stresses: ‘never coordinate your bags, shoes and belt’.
  • Fake tan is a no-go: Many of us are guilty of lashing on layers of tan lotion ahead of a wedding but Vogue recommends forgoing the fake stuff as ‘no one wants to be the well-wisher who smears Ginger Nut orange on the bride’s dazzling gown’. Stay natural for the day that’s in it.
  • Stay warm with a cardigan: A cardigan is no longer off-limits so take one with you in case you get chilly throughout the day. Cardigans not your thing? Don’t worry, as Vogue suggests an alternative; ‘a one-size up blazer over a pretty dress looks modern’.
  • Say no to stilettos: And yes to platforms or wedges because, according to Vogue, ‘stilettos won’t hack it on gravel, cobbles or grass’.
  • Goodbye to the clutch: Is the clutch your go-to wedding bag? If yes, we’ve got bad news, as Vogue recommends ditching this style for a ‘dinky top-handle bag’.
  • You can wear the same outfit twice: Vogue believes ‘yes, you can re-wear a dress to multiple nuptials’ as long as you switch up your accessories.

Now that you know the rules of wedding guest dressing, what are the items trending for 2019? According to global fashion platform Lyst, dresses with pockets, blazers, hot pink dresses (a la Killing Eve), statement headpieces, and suits are all on the style agenda. Our retailers have plenty of on-trend styles for weddings that you can buy with your One4all Gift Card. Here’s our edit: