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What Are Your Fashion Staples? The Nation Weighs In On Their Top Wardrobe Essentials

With social distancing restrictions having now been lifted, Brits are heading out again to attend their favourite social gatherings. Whether you’re off for a drink at your favourite bar, or attending a more low-key dinner party, you’ll likely have some wardrobe staples that you always turn to for such occasions

To mark the launch of the new One4all Fashion Favourites Gift Card, we surveyed 1,000 UK adults to reveal what British women consider to be absolute essentials for their wardrobe.

According to the study, a pair of well-fitting jeans came out on top, with over three-quarters of women (80%) saying that they are an essential item of clothing. Given how much the nation values a good pair of jeans, it’s no surprise that British women said that they would be most likely to open their wallets and splash their cash when trying to find the ultimate form fitting pair of jeans.

Wardrobe basics are always a popular choice as fashion essentials, with over two-thirds (68%) of women having a basic white t-shirt, and 63% owning a pair of classic trainers – helping them to combine both comfort and style with any outfit combination.

When it comes to finding a last-minute outfit for an event or night out, there are few choices more reliable than a little black dress. So, it’s no surprise that this classic piece remains a firm favourite for UK women, with nearly half (49%) of women owning a little black dress. Black tailored jeans, which can be dressed up or down for any social occasion, are also a favourite for 39% of British women.

Despite how important it is to have a strong capsule wardrobe consisting of flattering timeless pieces, it’s always great to freshen up your look and inject some excitement into your outfits. One of the most popular ways for British women to do just this is by keeping up with the changing fashion trends, as 57% of women admitted to treating themselves to new clothing at least once a month.

With the increasing role social media plays in our lives, keeping up to date with ‘influencers’ has become an integral part of many Brits’ day-to-day routines. However, when it comes to fashion inspiration, it appears many of us like to keep it in the family, with over a third (38%) of women admitting that they look to friends and relatives for new style ideas, while only 29% felt inspired by influencers and celebrities.

However, whilst some of us may look to our families and celebrities for fashion inspiration, many of us like our wardrobes to reflect our true style and taste. That’s why over half (64%) of women like to buy clothes that they like, and aren’t swayed by the current fashion trends, instead using their own flare for fashion to guide their wardrobe choices.

The pandemic and ongoing issues with climate change mean that many of us are learning the importance of living a sustainable life. When asked to consider what their fashion priorities are, 34% of Brits admitted that they have learned the importance of a capsule wardrobe and buying fashion pieces that will last.

Self-confidence and our clothes often come hand-in-hand, as we look to wear clothes that make us feel confident, yet comfortable. It’s no surprise then that 1 in 3 (31%) of women are more aware of the impact clothes have on their overall mood.

However, if you’re still struggling to build your perfect capsule wardrobe, celebrity stylist Mark Heyes has shared his tips on picking out the perfect fashion essentials:

  1. Know When to Spend: If you often find that you’re replacing the same item of clothing in your wardrobe regularly, such as handbags, then it’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality, statement piece that can stand the test of time. Let’s face it, nothing gives you more confidence than strutting your stuff with a great bag!
  2. Mix and Match: When curating your essentials, don’t shop with individual outfits in mind but for pieces that will complement the rest of your wardrobe and that you can mix and match with. Think about the pieces in your wardrobe you feel most confident in, or most align with your personal style, and build from there.
  3. Take Inspiration: If you feel stuck in a rut with your style, or want to try something different, then take inspiration from the people around you, TV shows, your favourite celebs, and social media. Create an album of photos on your phone of some outfits you’d like to recreate and take this with you when you shop.
  4. Don’t Worry About Measurements: Sizes can change drastically from shop to shop, so don’t be disheartened if you have to size up or down when curating your capsule wardrobe. Instead, focus solely on the fit and how the piece this looks on your body.
  5. Have fun with Trends: Once you’ve got your capsule wardrobe down, take a look at the trends coming in and out of style. Whilst some simply won’t be for you, injecting trend-led pieces into your capsule collection is a great way to freshen up your look and stay in love with your hero pieces!

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