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What Do Brits Think Post-Lockdown Life Will Look Like?What Do Brits Think Post-Lockdown Life Will Look Like?

What Do Brits Think Post-Lockdown Life Will Look Like?

We may be facing uncertain and unsettling times right now, but Brits are optimistic that we will live in a more grateful and community-focused society once we come out of lockdown.

To mark the launch of our #NationHeroes competition, which is all about rewarding those who are going the extra mile during the pandemic, we surveyed 2,007 British adults to find out how many people believe they will take valuable learnings into life after lockdown.

According to the study, more than 1 in 2 Brits (58%) will carry some of their wisdom learned during the crisis into day-to-day life. It was not so surprising that a greater appreciation of keyworkers topped the list of lessons that Brits will take with them into their future lives, with 58% believing this appreciation will continue once lockdown is lifted.

Not far behind a greater appreciation of keyworkers was having a greater sense of appreciation for family and friends for 52% of Brits, as well as the little things that life has to offer.

With such restrictions on daily life, it is understandable that a greater appreciation of personal freedoms, such as the ability to travel internationally, was also a popular life lesson that Brits expect to take with them post-lockdown (48%).

As most Brits haven’t been able to see their closest friends and family for quite some time, the study showed 46% of the population will be more grateful for the time they can spend with loved ones. Also, it is not just their nearest and dearest that Brits will be thinking about in post-lockdown life, as 45% of respondents say that they hope to continue to look out for one another after the pandemic.

Environmentalists can feel optimistic about life after lockdown too because the research found that 41% of Brits are hoping to carry on being less wasteful with bought goods, while 32% say that they have a greater appreciation of nature and climate change!

One positive outcome of the current crisis is that communities are coming together to support each other and over a third of people (36%) said that a crisis like coronavirus can bring out the best in people.  It seems that Brits will continue to be more engaged with their community, as 38% hope to retain a greater sense of the importance of community spirit going forward.

Overall, while we may be living through a scary and perhaps isolating time, there is lots to look forward to and be optimistic about in the future, as families, small communities, and the entire nation hope to be stronger and more appreciative of one another.

This hopefulness was perfectly captured by one of the study’s respondents who, when asked what message they would send to their future self, said: “All things pass. I know that fear and worry takes its toll on the mind, but we know that storms never stay long, just keep looking for that patch of blue that says the sun is on its way back.”

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