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Why It’s Important to Get Loved Ones’ Gifts Right This Christmas

Why It’s Important to Get Loved Ones’ Gifts Right This ChristmasWhy It’s Important to Get Loved Ones’ Gifts Right This Christmas

Whether it’s a Lynx gift set, a naff pair of socks or a Secret Santa present that’s remained in its box all these years – we’ve all received a dud Christmas present and have been guilty of giving a dud gift to someone too.

But when it comes to our loved ones and our relationships with them, new research shows it really is quite important to ensure that a gift you give or the message you send with it reflects what you know about them.

The type of gifts we receive holds a lot of merit when it comes to how we perceive the strength of our connections.

More than a quarter of women (26%) believe that their partner knowing what their favourite brands are is a sign of a strong relationship, according to new research from One4all Favourites Gift Cards.

Similarly, when it comes to our relationships with our parents, we believe that them knowing our favourite foods (33%), hobby (20%), and TV show (16%) are amongst the top things that signify a strong relationship with them.

More than 1 in 5 (21%) of us even admit to feeling closer to our friends and family when we receive a present from them that we actually like – with that figure rising to more than a quarter (26%) amongst 16 to 24-year-olds.

Yet, while the age-old saying underlines that it’s the thought behind the gift that counts – it seems like some of us aren’t confident our loved ones know us well enough to get something we’d like.

In fact, more than 1 in 8 people (13%) don’t believe their friends or family members will have a clue what sort of thing they would like to receive as a gift, while 15% say despite knowing their interests and likes, their friends and family won’t know what sort of brands or products are their favourites or which they already own. A further 8% of us also say we often receive gifts that are vaguely in line with what we like, but the brands or specific products received are rarely correct.

Gift cards are a great solution to this age-old problem.

With a One4all Gift Card, there’s very little to get wrong – a gift card which gives the recipient a choice of where to spend it, along with a personal note suggesting which hobbies, interests or needs they spend it on, goes a lot further than a gift which will end up straight in the bottom ofsomeone’s wardrobe.

And with the new One4all Favourites range, it has never been easier to send a personal gift which reflects a loved one’s interests, without worrying about mis-stepping on the exact brand, size or type of item they would like.

One4all Favourites Gift Cards are currently available in three different variations; Beauty & Spa Favourites; Gamers Favourites; or Home & Garden Favourites.

They can be spent with a variety of popular stores from within the card’s sector, loaded with anything from £15 to £100 and are easy to buy.

For more information and to buy, visit:

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