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Women Share What It Really Means To Be Mum

What does it mean to be a mum? With us celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday, March 14th, we put this question to 10 women. Their responses were honest, heart-warming and inspirational, read them all below:

Jessica Swift, mum of 2

‘Being surrounded by love. Having to juggle tasks and feeling a little overwhelmed at times but going to sleep content knowing my children look up to me.’

Wandana Faheem, mum of 2

‘Being a mum means having a reason to laugh at the silliest jokes, and messy fingers and hands that mean the whole world to you.’

Jenna Keller, mum of 3

‘Being a mum means sleepless nights, non-stop laughter and fun, toys spread all across the carpet, finger-painting in the kitchen…motherhood has made life more colourful than I ever knew it could be. It’s the greatest job in the whole world. I never knew unconditional love until I became a mum.’

Kelly Cookes, mum of 2

‘Giving them roots so they know that they’ll always have a place to come home, no matter how old they get. But also giving them wings to go off and chase their dreams’.

Amanda Burrows, mum of 1

‘Doing your best to provide your child with love, support, confidence, kindness, positivity, empathy, and all the day-to-day basics!’

Bobbie Butler, mum of 3

‘Being a mum is everything to me. My children are my whole world. The love I feel for them is like nothing else. I hurt when they are hurting and beam with joy at their achievements. They are the most precious things in the world and I never take them for granted. A kiss and a cuddle from them is like winning the lottery every time.’

Laura Walker, mum of 2

‘Being a mum means everything to me. They amaze me every day and make me reflect on things in a new light. They show no fear and in turn, I have also learned to lose my own inhibitions, it’s hard but so rewarding.’

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